Safe Ways to Dispose of Leftover Paint

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dispose-of-leftover-paintPaint has been in existence and in demanded since the beginning of time. Paint makes our house or building look beautiful. By adding a splash of color, paint is used to make an impression as well as to protect our property from the effects of the weather. But what if you end up with excessive paint? Sometimes they turn out to be useless for the long term. In that case, the only option left to you is to dispose of it.

While using paint is all about adding colors to our lives, the reality is that its ingredients are harmful to animals, humans and the environment. This is why it is advised to dispose of it safely and carefully.

Disposal of Paint – On the Basis of the Type of Paint

Oil- Based Paint:

Oil-based paints contain varnish, enamel, lacquer and shellac. It is never recommended to throw any paint onto the ground or garbage. This is because they are categorized as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and are supposed to be taken to the HHW facility.

Water-Based Paint:

Water-based latex paints are the least harmful of all. Before disposing of, either mix it with cat litter or dry the paint. If the paint you have is manufactured before 1992, contact professionals or seek the help of a Minneapolis junk removal service for proper disposal.

Aerosol Paint:

Being made with propellants and solvents, aerosol paints have to be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste collection facility.

Artist Paint:

Paints that are used by artists for painting is no exception in containing solvents or heavy metals, thus they are also supposed to be disposed in the Household Hazardous Waste collection facility.

Here are some best ways to get rid of leftover paint:


As long as you don’t require using the paint, it is best to donate to someone who needs it. Stir it up to check if it can be used. Also make sure you check the can for any rust or damage. It’s best to offer paint to any organization that accepts paint donations so that it doesn’t go to waste.


If you find that the paint cannot be donated, then recycle it. There are community-recycling centers that accept recyclable waste to make them re-usable in the future. The recycling center will either produce fuel additives from oil-based paints or almost everything including cement and plastics from water-based latex paint!


One of the best options, apart from recycling is to dispose of paint at a disposal facility. A junk removal service is a capable of doing the same, provided you just dump them in a skip bin. There are certain States that have passed regulations to penalize those who improperly dispose of waste including paint. Therefore, even if you have paid the disposal fee, that is much better than what you’d pay if caught for improper waste management.

It is our responsibility to protect nature and keep us out of danger. Get started by keeping in touch with a junk removal service in Minneapolis, MN today!