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Junk Removal Minneapolis & St. Paul Metro Area – Junk Happens

Junk Happens offers junk removal services and foreclosure clean-ups to residential and commercial customers throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. We do all the loading, clean-up, and dumping of your unwanted junk. 100% of items collected by Junk Happens are recycled, reused, or turned into energy for electricity. With Junk Happens your junk will not take up space in landfills!! That’s a commitment that we have made as a locally owned and operated company.

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“They were terrific and I only have good things to say. They were extremely quick, efficient, and very courteous. They cleaned everything up nicely.”
– Heidi K., Customer Review from Angie’s List


Is Junk Happens insured and licensed?

Yes. Junk Happens’s owners, trucks and employees are fully insured and licensed. With Junk Happens you can be assured that your home and property are fully protected and that all items are properly disposed of.

How do your rates work?

Our predetermined rate structure ensures that you only pay for the space you actually use in our truck. Please call now and we will give you an estimate for junk removal in Minneapolis.

How long does it take to remove junk from my space?

The time taken for junk removal in MN depends on how many items you want to get rid of. We’ll be able to give you a better estimate of the time needed for our visit once we’re there. Our team is fast and productive. At Junk Happens, we take care of everything from clearing out, hauling away, and disposing to recycling. Our customers love us because we provide great service at competitive prices.

What are the items you can pick up?

At Junk Happens, we pick up every item allowed by Minnesota law. However, we can’t take hazardous materials, paints, solvents, oil, and batteries. Here is a list of a few items we can haul away from your premises.

  • Air conditioners
  • Electrical appliances
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Bed and mattresses
  • Old or broken furniture
  • Bicycle
  • Construction waste
  • Lawn equipment
  • Wood
  • Garden waste and more.

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What do you do with my items after they’ve been taken away?

Upon our customer’s request, we donate items to local charities and recycle those that cannot be donated. All the items collected by Junk Happens are recycled, reused, or made into electricity. When you choose us for junk removal in St. Paul, we will help you reduce landfill space by having your junk recycled!

How does your service work?

You call 612-333-JUNK (5865) to schedule an appointment or Book Online. We show up on time, we load up your junk and we clean up the site. It’s that simple.

Do you charge extra for any items [surcharges]?

Yes. Certain items have transfer station or incinerator surcharges and we must charge extra for these items. These include air conditioners, appliances, auto/truck tires, televisions/computer monitors and water heaters. For junk removal in Minneapolis MN, call us now!

Why can’t you provide an exact quote for junk removal before you arrive?

Junk comes in all shapes and sizes, and hence we cannot provide you with an exact quote for junk removal. When you choose Junk Happens for ‘junk removal near me,’ we will provide you with a superior junk removal service that is second to none. Our professionals will visit your site to see the items and then provide you with an accurate estimate depending on the nature and volume of the material. However, we can provide you with a general range of pricing over the phone, which is very close to the original on-site cost (which will be disclosed after checking the items that need to be hauled away).

What is your junk removal pricing?

Our junk removal pricing includes labor, disposal fees, and customer service. We do not charge any additional costs, but surcharges may apply for certain items. Remember, we cannot provide you with the exact quote for the junk removal unless the workload is assessed in person by one of our professionals. Moreover, jobs such as demolition junk removal may involve extensive labor and additional charges.

Junk Happens is a locally owned and operated company, not a national franchise that has additional fees to pay. Our trucks are considerably larger than our competition yet our pricing is equal to or better than their full truck pricing. We pass on our savings to our customers.

We make it easy on our customers by giving you quick quotes and pick-up services. Just point to what you want taken and our guys do the work from there. After we remove all of your unwanted items we make sure that we clean up after ourselves too.

We pick-up everything allowed by Minnesota law. You can see the list of items we pick-up but on the chance that we overlooked something give us a call as I’m sure we can handle it.

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Reliable Junk Removal in MN – Superior Value, Service & Effort

Got junk? We can help solve all your junk problems! Junk Happens, a locally owned and operated company, offers a wide range of residential and commercial junk removal in MN at affordable rates. When you’re ready, just point to the item you want to be removed, and our team will get it out of your way. Afterward, we clean up any of the debris we left behind too. All the items hauled by Junk Happens are recycled and reused.

Junk Removal in MN – Why Choose Us?

At Junk Happens, we provide a wide range of junk removal in St. Paul, including residential and commercial junk removal, foreclosure clean-ups, furniture removal, yard waste removal, debris removal, and more. We are a local junk removal company that has all types of customers around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

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Save Money

Junk Happens is a locally owned and operated company and is not part of a larger franchise, therefore, there are no additional fees that have to be paid. Moreover, our trucks are substantially larger than those of our competitors, but the prices are usually better than theirs.

On-Time Service

We pride ourselves on being punctual and efficient. Our crew is friendly, courteous, professional, and extremely experienced in removing junk and clutter from all types of properties.

Effortless Junk Removal

At Junk Happens, our only focus is on simplifying your life. No matter what size job you need to be done, we are ready to do it right!

Fully Equipped

Our trucks are always fully equipped, so we never need to turn down a job because we don’t have the proper equipment or manpower to handle it.

Save Money

Junk Happens offers unbeatable pricing on everything from removal service to clutter pick-up! Our junk removal pricing is fair and efficient, which allows for easy budgeting.

Guaranteed Service

We stand behind our service, prices, and removal process 100%. We want you to know we are always here when you need us.

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As a junk removal company, we offer a quality junk removal in St. Paul, where our guys do all the work, from picking up unwanted items to cleaning up after themselves when finished. Our rates for junk removal in MN are all-inclusive, which means there are no hidden fees or charges when we quote a price.

Searching for ‘junk removal near me’ online? Give Junk Happens a call today at +1 (612) 333-5865 for your junk removal needs!