How Improper Garbage Disposal is Detrimental to Nature

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improper-garbage-disposal-is-detrimental-to-natureTossing waste into the trash is a good habit to follow, but that doesn’t mean your responsibility ends there. If you are executing the right means of junk removal, which also includes recycling, then you are doing a good deed to the environment as well as to yourself.

According to a recent study, it is estimated that more than 230 million tons of waste is produced every year in the United States alone. Out of that, only less than 25% of the waste goes into recycling and landfills. Improper disposal of waste can pose a serious threat to nature. Here are three major impacts explained:

1. Contamination of Soil:

Placing recyclable waste on the ground can easily contaminate the soil. For instance, when plastic bottles are disposed of, it releases DEHA, a carcinogen that can cause weight loss, reproductive problems and liver issues.

This chemical also causes contamination that can affect plant & animal life and water bodies as well. A newspaper or a simple paper with ink can pollute the soil too! All of this points to one concept – improper waste disposal can cause harm to the surrounding soil.

It is crucial for anyone and everyone to understand the process of recycling. Materials such as plastics, metals, some types of glass and papers shall be recycled at any local recycling center. If these waste materials are provided to the recycling center, it shall be duly recycled for reuse in the future. This way, it doesn’t harm the environment.

2. Contamination of Air:

Plastic, paper and other materials when burned can cause air pollution. If done, the chemical ingredients can build up in the ozone layer, thus gradually destroying the same. And we all know what the destruction of ozone layer means – it contributes to climate change and global warming.

If the waste material contains toxic chemicals such as dioxin, it can mix with the air we breathe and can pose a serious health threat. Not to forget the release of methane gas that results from the improper disposal of garbage.

When you dispose of wastes such as oil, bleach or acid, it is imperative that you store in safe containers and properly label it in the first place.

3. Threat to Animal & Marine Life

If you think that humans are the only ones affected by improper waste disposal, you’re wrong. Each and every element that has life is impacted adversely by it. Careless disposal of garbage or discharge of untreated waste can pose a threat to marine life and animals that utilize this contaminated water. It can also possibly destroy the habitat of coral and fish, thereby reducing their numbers as well. And imagine the havoc it can create when the fish and other living organisms that were feeding off of the contaminated water were caught by fishermen for human consumption!

While in this fast paced world, it is difficult to find time to spend on the proper disposal and recycling of waste, its best to hire a junk removal service in Minneapolis, MN who can do it right for you. Hire one today and do your part of saving nature.