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Overall, my experience with them went very well. They are very responsive, punctual, and they provide a very reliable service. One advantage of their service is that they recycle or donate items, so they are a ‘green’ company. Also, they are nonjudgmental and willing to remove a wide range of cumbersome items.

– Carol K.

Junk Removal Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro AreaThey made it happen. Upcharged a little for the difficulty, but I get it. It was rough. They couldn’t use the dolly, they had to slide the stuff up the stairs and around a corner. Just awful. But I got a discount for using Angie’s list, so the total was as-expected! And they were so professional and up-beat and they wore uniforms, which looked great. It was really great for a junk hauling experience. They are so personable and clean!

– Keith V.

I called to schedule an estimate, and John and Jim (owners & brothers) came out the next morning right on time. They estimated the job, which was loading/hauling old pavers, bricks, and concrete slabs from some landscaping demo. Concrete is difficult to dispose of (not everywhere will take it and it costs $$ to dump). John & Jim came up with a solution to load it on the truck quickly (I don’t own a wheel barrow), which entailed driving their truck into my alley, and tossing the bricks and concrete into the truck. Super solution and also brought the original estimate down a bit. They performed the work the same morning as the estimate. Very nice, helpful, and professional guys, and I highly recommend them

– Mary E.

Called yesterday and they were here today. They were both very pleasant and very hard workers, taking out big old heavy window air-conditioners, old picnic table, big old dining rm table, box springs and mattresses, old lawn mowers and snow blower, old vacuum cleaners, old bed frames, huge old stereo speakers, and oodles of other ‘stuff’….2 truck loads!!…and took boxes of magazines for recycling. Update 10/19/10: Had 4 guys this time and, as previously, great workers and very pleasant and professional. And, forgot to mention the first time, but got Angie’s List discount both times. This is a great service!

– Janet B.

I called and scheduled and appointment to clear out the remaining items from my dad’s townhome after he sold it. John and Chris showed up right on time and quickly started loading the truck with the various items that needed to be removed. They took many of the larger items out the back door and around the house rather than up the stairs to prevent possible damage to the walls. The grass was still damp, but they made sure not to track anything into the house. The job was done in less than an hour and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely use them again.

– Petra M.

My husband submitted a request for an estimate at 8PM on Wednesday evening. We immediately received an appointment for an estimate the next day between 12-2. At 1:00 on Thursday John showed up, sized up my job in about 15 seconds and gave me a very reasonable quote – right at the amount I had guesttimated as a worthwhile fee. I accepted, he pulled his truck around, loaded it up and was gone by 1:20.

– Meredith J.

They were terrific and I only have good things to say. They were extremely quick, efficient, and very courteous. They cleaned everything up nicely.

– Heidi K.

On time, worked hard, and left house in good shape. Would highly recommend

– Susan L.

The day before my house needed to be emptied and readied for carpet cleaners and new owners, my son and I realized that we could not accomplish the task by ourselves. JunkHappens was available on very short notice. John arrived at 8:30 A.M. the next day and assessed the situation. He then spent all day with the help of 1-2 assistants going up and down stairs carrying items as we sorted and directed. A number of heavy items that were being kept were moved to their new locations. Old concrete double laundry tubs were broken up and removed. The working conditions were less than ideal, but everyone remained pleasant, considerate, and helpful. We could not have asked for a better company or crew. If I ever needed this kind of service again, Junk Happens would be my first choice.

– Faith B.

An excellent experience all around. I made a reservation online to get a $10 discount, picked a day and a time span, and Junk Happens showed up when I requested. Jim gave me what turned out to be a very accurate estimate of how much of his truck my junk would fill and what additional charges there would be (for an air conditioner, etc.,–all these extras are listed on their website). All was fine with me, so I said go ahead. Jim and his assistant were efficient, clean, very professional, and just plain likable! I would recommend Junk Happens without reservations to anyone with stuff/trash/junk to get rid of.

– Tracy S.

I want this company to do more business because we need more service people like John Hengen. A job well done at a reasonable price. Thanks John and Steve. Meryl Speed Oh by the way this guy showed up with a great attitude. He wanted the job and he appreciated my business.

– Maryl S.

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