Junk & Trash Pickup and Removal Pricing

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Please be aware that not all junk removal companies have the same size truck. Junk Removal Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro AreaWhen price comparing do not just look at quarter, half, three-quarter, and full load prices. Instead look at the total volume the truck holds in cubic yards.

Junk & Trash Pickup and Removal Pricing

Our trucks are some of the largest in the Twin Cities, holding 18 cubic yards. Our competitors’ trucks are 14.8 cubic yards, yet our full load prices are less than theirs. We can do this because we operate a home office and do not have to pay franchise fees. This saves us and you money. And we know that providing you with great customer service doesn’t cost us anything.

Our pricing includes labor, disposal fees and extraordinary customer service. There are no hidden fees; however, MN state solid waste taxes and surcharges may apply for certain items.

Standard Rates

1/8 Load 2.6 cu yds $179.00
1/6 Load 3 cu yds $229.00
1/4 Load 4.5 cu yds $279.00
1/3 Load 6 cu yds $319.00
3/8 Load 6.8 cu yds $359.00
1/2 Load 9 cu yds $399.00
5/8 Load 11.3 cu yds $439.00
2/3 Load 12 cu yds $479.00
3/4 Load 13.5 cu yds $519.00
5/6 Load 15 cu yds $549.00
7/8 Load 15.8 cu yds $579.00
Full Load 18 cu yds $599.00
For comparison, a full size pick-up truck holds approx. 1.58 cu yds.

Note: Please be aware that these rates are approximate – we are unable to guarantee prices until workload has been assessed in person. Jobs requiring demolition (sheds, playhouses, pools, hot tubs) or jobs requiring extensive labor may accrue additional charges.

We accept cash, check, credit cards

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“Overall, my experience with them went very well. They are very responsive, punctual, and they provide a very reliable service. One advantage of their service is that they recycle or donate items, so they are a ‘green’ company. Also, they are nonjudgmental and willing to remove a wide range of cumbersome items.”
Carol K.

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