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Battery Disposal – Here’s What You Should Know

When a battery goes unusable, you might not know how to exactly dispose of it. Common wireless electronic devices are powered with both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Hence, it is highly likely that there’s plenty of dead batteries lying around in your house. So, what should you do about them? This guide from the expertsContinue Reading

Refrigerator Recycling & Disposal – Here’s What You Should Know

So you just upgraded to a new refrigerator, which means you might have to either dispose of or recycle your old unit. If the retailer is not accepting an exchange, you should take care of the appliance removal yourself, but you may not know how. Well, this guide from an expert in junk removal inContinue Reading

6 Hazardous Materials Typically Found in Demolition Waste

Demolition of residential or commercial property is a huge project that involves tons of debris to handle. A majority of this waste could include harmful materials that need to be handled carefully and disposed of responsibly. Here are some of the common hazardous materials, listed by the junk removal Maple Grove experts: Mercury: One chemicalContinue Reading

Getting Rid of Business Waste

Do you know how much your waste management is costing you? It is not just about the money, but also the time and effort. In fact, commercial waste collection costs are increasing in the last 20 years. Yes, inefficient disposal of waste racks up unnecessary costs for businesses through lost storage space, collection fees, andContinue Reading