Pick Up Your Phone to Call a Junk Removal Service – Christmas Waste is Coming!

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junk-removal-service-christmas-waste-is-comingHoliday season is just around the corner and kids have already started their countdown to receive gifts from their snow white beard grandpa, ‘the Santa Claus’. Christmas celebration is nothing without sweet baked cakes, candies, gifts, lights and a Christmas tree with a twinkling star on the top. There is one more thing that comes synonymous with the holiday season beyond from Christmas lights and gifts. Yep! The piles of garbage! It’s estimated that around 2,811 tons of garbage is collected the week after Christmas, which is more than double the amount of waste gathered in previous weeks. It sounds so weird and can spoil your mood for the long-planned preparations for the world’s most popular holiday in advance. But, don’t fret! Having the best junk removal service in Minneapolis by your side, you have nothing left to fear. Here, we will list a few tips to deal with your Christmas waste effectively.

Christmas Trees

The evergreen tree has been a part of the Christmas celebration for thousands of years and seems to have a magical influence on everyone in the house. But, when it turns into an object of waste disposal, it becomes a burden. Recent reports say that, “An estimated 40 million Americans buy artificial Christmas trees and 80% of the trees go to the landfill after 6 to 7 years of usage instead of being recycled.” If you are among the people who use artificial trees, be sure to call a junk removal company to send it to the recycling industry.

Christmas Food Waste

40% of festive food is wasted every year during the holiday season, which is enough to feed everyone who’s hungry at that time of the year. If this food is sent to the landfill, it decays and emits methane, which is the most dangerous greenhouse gas. To prevent this avoid cooking more food than you need or dispose of the food waste carefully by following these wise steps:

  • Collect your food scraps compost them and turn them into rich, nutritious soil that can be used to nourish your garden.
  • Recycle food scraps to valuable compost via worm composting.

Christmas Gift Wraps

Switching to biodegradable packing materials like paper and bags plays a major role in waste reduction. But, when plastic or paper wraps get mixed with paint they become non-recyclable and causes major threats to the environment. An ideal solution for decreasing paper waste is to opt for cards made of recycled paper.

Certain electronic waste can produce toxic substances that affect the environment. This type of waste is not collected by most of the trash removal companies in Minneapolis. So, conduct research to find the one that collects this waste or look for the information when your local government collects such hazardous materials.  Go green and let the spirit of Christmas capture everyone by gifting everyone a great environment to live!