Junk Removal Saint Paul MN

Junk Removal Saint Paul MNRemoving junk yourself can be a tedious task. Take into consideration the heavy old furniture, hazardous debris and substances, and your physical health. Something could go wrong especially when you do it alone. Without the right tools and experience, you can end up breaking bones, getting cuts, bruises and straining your muscles.

Why risk your physical health when there are professionals who can do this work for you at affordable rates and with speed and efficiency? Our team is well trained, friendly and has the right experience to lift and haul your heavy stuff without compromising your walls and floors.

We know exactly where to take all junk, so you need not worry what will happen once we have left your premises. We lead in junk removal St Paul because our professionals know what to do efficiently and effectively to ensure all is safe and clean.

If you don’t have time to supervise or be involve,  don’t worry because our team doesn’t need supervision to do their work. We understand you have a tight budget and that is why we are cost-effective. We do our work fast to save your time and let you think of other important issues.

We are available on demand. You need our services today or tomorrow? We are here to help you. We serve both residential and commercial places. Trust us today with your clutter and the results will be amazing.

We are concerned that junk removal St Paul MN keeps the environment safe and healthy for the future generations. All the junk collected is put to good use by recycling or donating for charity purposes.

If you need a partner for junk removal St Paul MN, then you have us at your service. Our services are offered all the time on and off-hours to ensure the environment is clean as it should.

How much do we charge? Our services are indeed affordable. The prices change from one client to the other. You are charged by the amount of junk you have based on the space it is going to occupy on the trunk?

Our specialists will give a favorable quote and can pick up any of the following:

  • Devices- like televisions, refrigerators, washers, dryers
  • Outdoor equipment and tools
  • Construction leftovers
  • Backyard junk
  • Supplies and equipment in the offices

Our junk removal service St Paul MN service is affordable. Expect a sparkling clean environment after employing us. We have all of the required licenses, and we follow ordinances and laws. Our services are focused on keeping the environment clean for your benefit and the future.


Why Should I Use Your Junk Removal St Paul Service Instead Of A Dumpster?

  • Our professional junk removal experts do all the loading and cleanup work for you.
  • We handle both residential and commercial junk removal with the same care and efficiency so as to have a minimal impact on your home or work day.
  • Junk Happens recycles nearly all of the junk we haul it will be dealt with in a clean sustainable way.

Do You Remove Pianos?

Yes, for sure! Besides couches, tables and chairs we also remove other items that may be in your living space like lamps, pianos, large hanging pictures, sinks, shelving…pretty much anything that is found in a home that no longer needs to be there.

How Big Are Your Trucks?

Our trucks are some of the largest in the Twin Cities, holding 18 cubic yards. Our competitors’ trucks are 14.8 cubic yards, yet our full load prices are less than theirs.

Will You Offer An Estimate on Your Junk Removal St Paul MN?

A junk removal expert is able to provide an initial estimate via phone at 612-333-JUNK (5865), or you can type up an explanation when booking online. However, upon arrival you will receive a free guaranteed estimate from a trained professional of junk removal Saint Paul MN.

Do You Donate Items?

Absolutely! By partnering with Twin Cities local non-profit organization such as Bridging, Savers, Goodwill, VA and others we are able to donate a portion of the junk we remove from our clients.