Keep your Yards and Green Spaces Clean During COVID – 19 – The City of Minneapolis

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Keep your Yards and Green Spaces Clean During COVID – 19
Photo by fran hogan on Unsplash

Spring is here, and unfortunately, its arrival may not mean baseball this year, but you can still use it as an opportunity to get your yard back in shape.

As the temperatures warm up, the City of Minneapolis has asked its residents to keep their yards and green spaces clean in order to keep the neighborhood safe during this time of uncertainty. It also added that the city inspectors are in full swing to respond to 311 complaints and go through vacant properties and violations in limited instances.

It is estimated that yard junk removal in MN will rise this year, and the city encourages people to trim back vegetation, mow the lawn, remove inoperable vehicles, bundle brush and branches, and remove the trash.

Checklist for Yard Clean Up

Even though yard work involves mowing, cutting, pruning, trimming, and piling, people may also have a bit of other junk to get rid of along with the green waste. This includes broken fence board, old lawn furniture, old fountain, remains of the deck, and more. So, here is a simple checklist to assist you with your yard work.

  • Clean out debris and pay close attention to the flower beds to keep the critters at bay.
  • Remove overgrown branches and shrubs, and bundle them for junk removal in Minneapolis MN.
  • Clean patios and walkways, pressure wash surfaces, clean up patio furniture, remove mildew, and get rid of any other grime.
  • Power wash your fence and apply a fresh coat of paint to enhance its look.
  • Make any additional yard repairs that you haven’t gotten around to yet.
  • Implement the best pest prevention measure and seal up the entry points.

Tips to Dispose of Yard Waste

  • Invest in the right bags because organic and non-organic cannot all go into one type of bag.
  • Most of the companies that provide a junk removal service in Minneapolis have a schedule for picking-up trash, considering that they have to visit different areas of a town. So, know your yard waste pick up days and put the trash out the night before.
  • Rent a dumpster to gather all the waste in your yard that you’d like to get rid of. Or, a good junk removal in MN has trucks of all sizes to pick up loads of anything large or small in your yard, and they’ll come to pick it up.

Junk Happens makes a promise that everything we remove is disposed of in the most environmentally sensitive manner. We have made it a company commitment to recycle reuse or convert to energy nearly everything we pick up.