Expert Advice to Cut Clutter in Your Bedroom for Extra Space

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Expert Advice to Cut Clutter in Your Bedroom for Extra Space
Image by BUMIPUTRA from Pixabay

Is tripping over shoes and searching through stuffed shelves and drawers a regular thing you do every morning? De-cluttering your home is the only easy and quick solution to fix the issue. If you have a traditional bedroom set up or a studio apartment, keeping your bedroom clutter-free is very important. As the leading provider of junk removal service in Minneapolis, we’ve come up with de-cluttering solutions to transform your chaotic bedroom into a sleeping sanctuary.

Make Use of the Wall Space

Have you ever noticed that your bedroom has become a designated storage area for oddly shaped items such as hats, bags, and more? If yes, it’s high time to hang a series of hooks on the wall to store these items and double as décor.

Declutter Closet Regularly

Even if your closet is behind closed doors, you must declutter it often. Use a laundry basket for dirty clothes that never made way into the bathroom hamper. It doesn’t need to be a hamper and can be anything from beautiful baskets to sleek bins that bends well with your bedroom décor.

Declutter Bedroom Spaces

Clearing out your closet and drawers only cannot create extra space for your room. You must throw away items that aren’t useful to you anymore or donate them to create a serene, restful space. Also, find better storage solutions for things such as keys, jewelry, and wallets.

Remove Bulky Furniture

Bulky furniture in your bedroom can take up more space, so swap them with vertical storage solutions to clear off the floors. You can donate the furniture if you no need them or if it’s too old, you can call junk removal in MN to haul it away.

Create a Work Station

Consider creating a designated work station if you pay bills, do craftworks, or any other work, and keep organized. You can store items such as pencils, scissors, or other open items in cute containers, and paperwork and bills in closed containers.

Ask Yourself Questions

While starting your decluttering process, ask yourself the following three questions.

  • Do I truly need it?
  • Do I truly adore it?
  • Would I trade inner peace for this?

If ‘yes’ is the answer for all these three questions, keep the item with you but if you find them useless for you, collect them and send it for junk removal in Minneapolis MN.

The Bottom Line

Once you’ve completed decluttering your bedroom or other rooms in your house, you’ll end up with bulk trash. You can rent a dumpster or leave out a little trash a day for effective junk removal in MN. At Junk Happens, we offer 10% off our load charges for items staged near or on the driveway to help limit exposure to the COVID-19 Virus.