Household Items that You Should Never Dispose in Landfills

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Household Items Dispose
Image by Nicole Schüler from Pixabay

Not every item in your house can be disposed of at landfills without having an adverse effect on the environment. As items such as kitchen refuse can disintegrate when left at landfills, most household items can only lead to pollution when left in the open. With the rising global population, there has been a massive increase in the waste produced annually. It is therefore upon us that we check the items we dispose of in the environment. Find out from junk removal Mahtomedi MN the different materials you can recycle instead of disposing of them. Here are a few household items that should never be thrown out.

Glass Mugs and Bottles

Glass does not undergo any form of decomposition. This makes them hazardous to the environment and that may be the reason most states require their citizens to recycle their glass products. Different foodstuffs and even medications are packaged in glass bottles or containers. Every town should, therefore, aspire to have glass recycling centers in order to control pollution. You can consult junk removal Mahtomedi experts for more information.

Plastic Products

All plastic materials take approximately ten to a thousand years to fully decompose. Plastic has to be the most common wrapping and packaging material used globally. They may, therefore, be very relevant to our lifestyle but we always forget how much of a threat they could be to our environment. It is our responsibility to ensure we deliver every useless plastic we come across to recycling centers to mitigate pollution levels in our surroundings.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum is among the easiest metals to recycle. Despite this fact, our landfills still contain a huge percentage of aluminum. This comes out as a rather irresponsible disposal behavior. You can always ensure all aluminum in your house goes to the right place by hiring junk removal service Mahtomedi MN. We no longer have to pollute the environment with materials that can easily be recycled and given new use.


Clothes and any form of fabric are a threat to the surrounding as they take longer to decompose. As much as woolen clothes may take a few months to decompose, clothes of mixed fabrics may take much longer to fully disintegrate.

Leather Products

Leather is a tough material which is certainly considered as non-biodegradable for years. Disposing it off in the environment will only mean soil pollution as it may take up to 40 years to even commence decomposition. Leather shoes and other leather products should, therefore, be kept out of landfills at all times.

Cigarette Filters

Cigarettes are global drugs being used in bulk daily. It is not enough to say that they are harmful to human health but they can also be a major threat to the environment. Cigarettes are made of different chemicals including tar and even acetone that are major environmental pollutants. They are not only harmful to land but also contribute as the biggest threat to oceans and marine life.


Styrofoam is the wrapping materials used to wrap or pack different food materials. They can also be used for insulation purposes to keep food warm. Their merits have however blinded many people from seeing what damage they really are to the environment. Facts have it that Styrofoam covers up to 30% of most landfills globally. Contact junk removal Mahtomedi company today and find out what items you could recycle and save the world from pollution.