Household Items You Never Knew Could Be Recycled

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Image by Annca from Pixabay

The phrase reduce, reuse, and recycle date back to 1976 when the United States decided to actively be responsible for their environment. Since then, most companies and businesses have supported the go green theme by adhering to the set procedures of effluence disposal. Recycling is being practiced but not globally as it should. How do you dispose of your old household items? Most people have agreed to throw away, burning or burying their non-usable items. You will be surprised how many household items you could recycle with junk removal service Oakdale MN instead of disposing them to the environment. Find out below what can be recycled in your house and contribute to the go-green-initiative.


Almost every family buys magazines and newspapers. After reading them do you ever wonder where they are taken? Most end up in trashcans and back out to the environment. Institutions like libraries accept old newspapers, magazines, and any reading material into their storage. Instead of throwing them in the trash cans, you can donate all your magazines and newspapers to your local library or let junk removal Oakdale do the job for you.

Toothpaste Tubes

Now that your toothpaste is gone what do you do with the tube? For most people that do not know about recycling, the tubes wind up in their trashcans. Always find out what your toothpaste tube is made of, if it is aluminum then recycling can be done. Plastic toothpaste tubes, however, can be recycled by recycling. Giving them proper disposal is much better than leaving them to litter the environment.

Car Batteries

Did you know that a car battery recycling rate in the United States is about 98%? You might never think of a new battery for your car until the moment you are stuck with a car and a dead battery. Throwing out car batteries is unhealthy to the environment, consider taking all your old car batteries to junk removal Oakdale MN for recycling.

Burned-Out Bulbs

This might surprise you but do you know that burned-out bulbs can be recycled too? You can agree that most people you know find no use for such bulbs and only dispose of them to replace with new ones. Dispose your burned-out bulbs at drop-off places like retailers and recycling companies.


Mattress disposal has to be among the most hectic items to get rid of. Throwing them out at dumpsters and pathways may be a solution to you but a threat to your surroundings. If the mattress really has no use to you, consider donating it to charity organizations. For most cities, there are recycling centers for mattresses where you could take your old ones.

Expired Medication

The moment our eyes come across anything that is expired, our first thoughts are to throw them away. Well, this may work for materials that are able to decompose but not chemicals like medicines. Disposing of your expired medication in the environment can be catastrophic to the soil and plants which is why there is junk removal Oakdale company for the recycling of such products.