Alarming Junk Removal Statistics You Must Read

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Old Junk Placed on Ground
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

The media bombards us with advertising messages that mostly encourage us to do the same thing — buy stuff. Quite often this stuff is not even something we need but they will tell us we need it, so no surprise that eventually the things we buy end up becoming junk. For many of us when we use junk removal MN services, we do not think of how many other people are doing the same. Here are some statistics to make you realize how big the junk problem is in the first place.

The Plastic Problem

  • Only 9 percent of plastic waste gets recycled
  • Close to 20 billion pounds of plastic waste ends up in the ocean
  • If all the plastic cups, forks and paper were stretched around the equator, they would go round it 300 times
  • There is a floating garbage island in the Pacific that stretches twice the size of Texas!
  • We could save almost 70 percent of energy by making plastic from recycled plastic

Waste Could Soon DROWN US

  • On average, each person in the US generates 5 pounds of waste each day
  • The US generates the most waste in the world with 200 billion dollars spent on solid waste management which makes junk removal Minneapolis MN a necessity
  • Annual Waste generation in America may double by 2050
  • Nevada is the biggest producer of solid waste estimated at over 35 tons per person

Electronic Waste is a Ticking Bomb

  • Almost 50 percent of heavy metals in US landfills is generated from electronic waste
  • 70 percent of toxic waste in America is a result of electronic waste and that is just 2 percent of the waste of America
  • Almost 10 million metric tons of e-waste is composed of the most advertised gadgets like mobile phones, computers, and TVs
  • Less than 13 percent of electronic waste is recycled
  • There are only 41 countries that have records of their electronic waste
  • The Problem with Landfills
  • In less than 20 years the US will have no more space for landfills
  • Far more than half the items in landfills could be recycled
  • The world waste production is slated to increase by almost 40 percent in the next 30 years
  • The World Bank estimates that close to 50 percent of the world garbage is dumped in unregulated sites
  • All the world treatment and disposal sites account for only 6 percent of the world’s garbage

As you can see from the above stats, there is a dire need for responsible junk removal Minneapolis.

What We Could Do?

These are worrying statistics and we need to do something about it. It is evident that not enough is being donated yet there are a lot of organizations that can collect your junk and donate them to people who need it. Talk to your junk removal MN provider to find out if they donate used items and if they have a recycling program. Items like furniture, clothes, electronics, and mattresses are needed by many people and should not be filling up landfills. Plastics need to be recycled instead of finding their way to the ocean. Join hands with us for a cleaner and greener country by opting for our junk removal services.