The Journey Your Junk Takes

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Auto with junks standing on Road
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

How much do you know about what happens to your junk after you call the junk removal Maplewood? Most people will not give it a second thought because somehow if they cannot see it, it is no longer their problem. But how true is this? How about if we explained to you how it would remain a problem that will affect you and most of the people around you.

In many cases, the junk removal will carry the junk directly to the landfill and right there it begins to be a problem to the people around the landfill but also to you. Let us use the example of a fridge, but we will start this journey from when it is being made.

Making of a Fridge

The manufacturer of the fridge starts by acquiring the items needed to make a fridge, these would include insulation, steel, tubes, and plastic. It will take manpower and money to get these things together and the process of making some of them like plastic may already have an impact on the environment.

The manufacturing process begins and once again the environment is being suffocated with toxic gases and chemicals, not to mention the amount of water needed to manufacture the product.

The fridge is then filled with a hazardous chemical to keep it operating the way it should.

It is then transported to the location where it will be sold, this will involve using trucks and maybe ships that run on pollutant fuels.

You then make an order and it is delivered to you in another truck that burns fossil fuel.

But You Had an Another Fridge

So now you have a new fridge and the old one no longer seems appealing to you. What do you do? You call the junk removal Maplewood MN to get rid of the old refrigerator.

If you made a good choice, the junk removal Maplewood company will be a responsible company and will donate that fridge to another person who needs it. Or you just hire any and they will not care much about recycling or donation. The company will drive straight to the landfill and dump this fridge that could still work.

Think of all that went into making the refrigerator and now after 3 to 5 years it is discarded into a landfill, the toxic gas will now escape into the atmosphere and destroy the ozone layer and a number of those components that took hours to gather will be seated in a landfill. You should also know that some of those components take as many as 1000 years to decompose and some are not biodegradable so they will never decompose. What a waste!

Take Responsibility

It is everyone’s responsibility to think about the junk they throw away. When choosing junk removal service Maplewood MN, choose a company that is environmentally friendly, one that will donate useful items and recycle those that can be recycled. It might cost a bit more, but it is good for our environment and will benefit other people.