Waste Management: Let’s Make our World a Better Place

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Make our World a Better PlaceYear after year, people all around the world are disposing of tons of waste. Americans alone in a year dispose of approximately 220 million tons of waste! Several organizations have stepped forward with resolutions for dealing with this problem. As people say cleanliness begins at home, junk removal is every resident’s responsibility.

Types of Junk Disposal

There are various methods of waste management adopted today. Several junk removal companies execute some of the following techniques so as to minimize the quantity of waste.

  1. Landfill: One of the most popular methods of waste disposal is the landfill. Through this process, large amount of waste is buried in the land after eliminating its odors. The usage of landfills has diminished in recent times as it requires large space and can cause contamination problems.
  1. Recovery & Recycling: Recovery is the process of taking useful items for reuse. Once the discarded items are extracted, they are processed and possibly converted into heat, fuel or electricity.Recycling, on the other hand, is the process of conversion of waste materials into new products. Recycling can immensely reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce water and air pollution as well as decrease the needed capacity of landfills.
  1. Incineration/Combustion: Combustion or incineration is a method wherein waste will be burned at high temperatures for converting them into gaseous products. This method is capable of dropping 20 to 30 percent of the total volume of solid waste and reduces the usage of landfills as well.
  1. Composting: Composting is a natural process and is one of the easiest methods of waste management. Through the bio-degradation process, remains of plants, kitchen wastes and garden wastes will be converted into nutrient rich foods for plants. This is one of the best ways of transforming unsafe organic waste into safe and useful compost. Composting finds its usage in organic farming, where the organic materials are allowed to stay put in one place for several months until they are decomposed by microbes.

Take Initiative to Reduce Wastes

An obvious method to prevent the disposal of waste to landfills is to minimize the creation of it. Recycling is indeed a great choice in reducing old stuff such as bags, broken items, jars and related items. Keep away from plastic bags!

Composting and recycling are by far the most popular junk management methods adopted by individual residents worldwide. Paper, plastic and metal has topped the list of most recycled items for several years.

There’s a special category of waste that cannot be disposed of without expert help. One such example is biomedical waste and other hazardous chemicals. The best you could do is to hire professionals to dispose and manage all types of junk with ease. Take a pledge to save the planet and hire a junk removal service in MN today!