Burying and Burning Junk? Terrible! Read these Don’ts for Safe Waste Disposal

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Read these Don’ts for Safe Waste DisposalAccording to the energy conservation reports, more than 60% of the trash that ends in up in a dumpster could be recycled. Recycling those materials reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills as well as reducing harmful emissions like methane gas released into the earth’s atmosphere.

If the junk is not a recyclable, you can reuse, donate or dispose the junk properly but never ever attempt the following three steps.

Don’t Drop Waste in the Alley

It’s a mere fact that all of the household wastes should be placed inside a trash dumpster but there are people who drop things wherever they happen to be. These plastic bags, old tissue papers and cigarette ends strewn around the streets create unpleasant scenery from an aesthetic point of view and serves as the main cause of air pollution.

Don’t Burn the Garbage

Using an on-site disposal method like backyard burning to get rid of your household junk can emit a range of pollutants into the atmosphere. The toxic substances from the emitted fumes can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause or exacerbate diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.  So, it’s advised to hire a professional junk removal services in Minneapolis to remove the waste safely rather than burning it.

Dumping Waste in Landfills

Dumping of the e-waste or garden waste can create harmful threats to the environment. E-waste, garden waste and food waste dumped into the landfill are considered the major sources of methane, a significant contributor to climate change.

On a final note, instead of simply throwing stuff away, burning or burying, and sending waste streams to landfill try recycling reusable materials. Nowadays, many junk removal companies in Minneapolis are dedicated to cleaning up the mess and ensure 100% of items collected are recycled, reused, or turned into energy for electricity. So, the next time you have a pile of junk don’t burn or dump but call a local junk removal service to save our living environment.