Battery Disposal – Here’s What You Should Know

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Battery Disposal - Here's What You Should Know
Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

When a battery goes unusable, you might not know how to exactly dispose of it. Common wireless electronic devices are powered with both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Hence, it is highly likely that there’s plenty of dead batteries lying around in your house. So, what should you do about them? This guide from the experts of junk removal in Mendota Heights will provide you helpful information on the same:

Single-Use Batteries:

Common batteries that are used in TV remotes are an example of single-use batteries. They are manufactured using common metals that are typically non-hazardous. Single-use batteries can be disposed of in trash, except in California where it is not permitted by law. There is one exception though – button cells used in wrist watches contain hazardous materials, therefore proper measures should be taken to get rid of them.

Rechargeable Batteries:

Rechargeable batteries have been widely adopted and used in smartphones, laptops, cameras, and other common electronic devices. Unlike single-use batteries, rechargeable batteries cannot be simply tossed in trash. Doing so is illegal as these batteries include toxic metals that are dangerous to the environment.

Disposing Different Kinds of Batteries:

  • Button Batteries: As mentioned earlier, button batteries used in toys, watches, and more contain hazardous materials such as mercury. These batteries must be properly recycled. A junk removal Mendota Heights service can collect your old batteries and recycle them safely.
  • Letter batteries: Single-use batteries designated with different letterings such as AA, AAA, C, D are made using zinc, manganese, and steel. These batteries can be simply dumped in trash, or you can choose to recycle them as well.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: Rechargeable batteries can easily contaminate the environment when they are not properly disposed. Rechargeable batteries should always be recycled and repurposed for ensuring the safety of the environment. A reputable junk removal service in Mendota Heights MN will hand over your old rechargeable batteries to a recycling facility.
  • Car Batteries: Car batteries can be recycled. Proper measures should be taken while getting rid of old car batteries, since its contents such as lead and acid are toxic in nature. Sell your old car batteries to a retailer, or take them to a recycling facility. Certain retailers will accept your old car batteries in exchange for new ones.

How a Junk Removal Service Helps:

To ensure that you are safely disposing your old batteries, hire certified experts offering junk removal in Mendota Heights MN. Every kind of junk that they collect will be carefully sorted and disposed of in an eco-friendly way, and batteries are no exception. As mentioned above, they also work with recycling centers to get the old junk repurposed or recycled.

All you need to do is to contact a junk removal company and book an appointment with them. Rest assured, the professionals will handle your old batteries and other kinds of waste with care.