Tips to Keep Your Yard Look Clean and Clutter-Free

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Yard waste removalThere is nothing more satisfying than cleaning the garden, but dealing with the aftermath is often a problem.  Taking care of the yard debris removal is something you should plan ahead of time so that you can dispose of the waste efficiently.

Usually, outdoor waste doesn’t receive the same attention as the junk that accumulates inside the house. However, yard junk removal in Apple Valley is as important as clearing up your household waste. Though most of the yard waste is beneficial to your garden, too much of it becomes unsightly. Here are some tips to make yard junk removal in Apple Valley NM easier.

Collect the waste

Fallen branches, scattered sticks, and leaves are not the usual things you want to display in your garden. So, make sure to clean up debris and clear out flower beds to keep the pests at bay. Smaller items like leaf piles, grass clippings, and twigs can be collected and stored in a composite bag so that it can easier to remove them. The bags are designed to decompose organically along with the waste they hold. This will help save time during the trash hauling process.

Use a wood chipper

After a storm, your yard may be cluttered with large branches that are difficult to handle and dispose of. You can use a wood chipper to grind those big branches and other oversized pieces of wood, making them much easier to collect. Even small bits of wood can be recycled.


Composting is a practical and convenient way to transform your yard waste into a resource. Compost enriches the soil and improves plant growth. In fact, yard waste comprises approximately 20% of the average person’s garbage, and you can’t afford to keep throwing it away.

Anything that is once alive can be composted. Remember, you can save a lot of money on fertilizer and mulch while reducing your contribution to the solid waste problem by composting at home. You can purchase a compost bin or even build one. Composting is environment-friendly, benefits your yard, and saves money. So, don’t throw away your yard waste.

Hire junk removal service Apple Valley NM

You don’t have to worry about hauling all of the yard waste into a truck and transporting it to the dump yourself. The junk removal service in Apple Valley NM can help dispose of the yard waste in an environmentally safe manner. They have the right equipment to handle all of your junk removal needs. Forget about handling all of the yard debris on your own or renting a dumpster, just get in touch with the professionals.