About the Effects of Burning Trash

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Things You Should Know About the Effects of Burning Trash
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Do you know what causes the majority of fires in the U.S? We HUMANS! Although they are classified as natural disasters, only 15% of fires occur on their own in nature. The other 85% result from human activity and backyard burning is one of them. In addition to fire threats, backyard burning impacts our health as well.

Although the government is taking all the measure to dispose of waste properly; it’s every citizen’s responsibility to discard waste in such a way that doesn’t impact us and the environment.

Air and Water Pollution

The smoke released from burning materials, including plastic, household garbage, and painted or treated wood impacts the environment and everyone’s health significantly. This is because these materials release toxic chemicals that significantly pollute the air. We never know how polluted air affects our health until we experience it. But, inhaling polluted air can cause a range of health issues, including asthma, heart disease, and other respiratory diseases.

Besides, residue from burning contaminates the soil and groundwater which can enter the human food chain through livestock and crops. Proper junk removal South St. Paul and disposal is the right approach.


Debris burning is the major cause of residential and wildfires, especially during drought conditions. Fire poses a risk to the public, property, and natural resources.

Besides, the wildfire in your property could be devastating. Yes, the damages caused by wildfire could be physically disruptive and visually disturbing.  Some fires can lead to death and fatal injuries due to excessive smoke inhalation.

Hazardous Smoke

Nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, mercury, arsenic, furans, and hydrochloric acid are some of the pollutants found in the smoke released by open burning of garbage. People who are exposed to the open burning smoke suffer from respiratory problems, regardless of age. Prolonged exposure to smoke can cause nausea, rashes, and headaches, which can increase the risk of developing heart disease over time.

Exposure to Dioxins and Furans

One of the major concerns with backyard burning is the health risks posed by the harmful chemical release of furans and dioxins into the environment. Exposure to these chemicals has been linked to liver problems, a certain type of cancers, neural problems, and impairment of the immune system.

What Is A Safe Alternative?

Very simple! Follow the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle principle. This is the best way to handle your waste as it helps protect your health and the environment as well.

Try to reduce your garbage and avoid disposable items. Opt for durable products that could be recharged, repaired, and reused. Donate your items if you don’t want to use it. Mend and repair rather than throwing out. Recycle your waste as much as you could. Install a backyard compost bin and prepare your own compost using kitchen and yard waste.

Finally, call in a professional junk removal South St. Paul MN company to dispose of the waste properly.

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