Responsible Waste Management – Recycling Do’s and Don’ts to Remember

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Responsible Waste Management - Recycling Do’s and Don’ts

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Recycling is undoubtedly a good deed to the environment. Waste disposal and management is not always easy and is to be done with great care to protect our planet. For effective recycling, the collected waste must be separated and the recyclable items should be taken to a recycling center. To ensure proper junk removal in Minneapolis and responsible waste management, make note of these do’s and don’ts for recycling:


  • Separate Items, If Required

The majority of towns or cities will require you to separate or dispose of trash into different bins. For instance, plastic waste would go in one bin whereas non-recyclable waste has to be dumped in a different bin. The same does apply for metal and glass waste. Make sure to comply with the regulations. Some cities allow you to dump all kinds of recyclable waste into one large bin, but that isn’t applicable everywhere.

  • Plastic Bags Should be Recycled Separately

Plastic bags aren’t meant to go to the recycling bin, however that doesn’t mean that they are not recyclable or reused. Plastics are to be processed separately and for this, you might notice several stores having separate bins meant to dispose of plastic bags for reuse.

  • Find Out the Local Requirements

Different recycling plants handle different kinds of waste, hence ask and understand what items would be collected for recycling. Also, confirm that plastic waste would be collected by the center to process and recycle.

  • Remember to Separate E-Waste

Most E-Waste and electronic items can be recycled, but this could be done in an advanced and more secure recycling facility that is different from a regular recycling center. If you are unsure as to where such a recycling center is, get in touch with a reliable junk removal service in Minneapolis, as they will efficiently separate the waste and provide them to the appropriate recycling center.


  • Don’t Recycle Food Products

Food products are compostable, but they are not recyclable. Hence make sure that the bottles, food containers or cans are all free from food residue, before dumping them in the recycling bin.

  • Avoid Recycling Toxic Containers

Containers that have toxic materials are not recyclable. Some examples include oil jugs, antifreeze jugs, paint cans, house cleaner bottles, pesticide containers, and others. Hiring professionals specialized in junk removal in Minneapolis will be helpful, as they have a solid knowledge about what can and cannot be recycled.

  • Don’t Dispose Yard Waste in the Recycling Bin

After a big yard cleanup, some homeowners would dispose all the waste into both the garbage and recycling bins. Just like food waste, yard waste, including grass and tree trimmings, are not recyclable.

Hiring a professional service offering junk removal in Minneapolis MN will avoid any hassles, as they make waste management easier for you. They have a solid understanding of recycling, and will ensure that all recyclable items are separated and disposed in relevant recycling centers. Get in touch with the experts today.