Helpful Guide to Manage School Waste

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Helpful Guide to Manage School Waste
Image by Florian Pircher from Pixabay

Do you know people, schools, businesses, and other organizations, generate, on average 4.7pounds of waste per person every day? According to The American Federation of Teachers, schools and other educational facilities are among the largest waste generations.

Improper waste management cause damages to animal species, clusters our waterways, and pollutes our living space. Whether it is left on the landfill or incinerated, it causes environmental and health issues.

So, what’s the solution? Well, there is no better way than reducing your school waste. There are lots of effective measures to do it and dispose of school waste.

Here are a few simple tips to get you going, as shared by junk removal Orono professionals:-

Audit Your School Waste

Where does your school produce most of its waste? Find out where your educational facility produces more waste. For doing it, you need to audit your waste. Yes, a waste audit is one of the best ways to understand how much waste is thrown by your school, what type of materials, and what activities are involved in producing it. See, zero waste is not possible. Of course, you would have a great idea. But, a full audit waste can help you take effective action to reduce and dispose of it properly.

Once you have all the data, start analyzing it. This step is very important and should be given time and attention. With the data, consider possible reduction targets and brainstorm strategies.

Educate Students and Staffs on Proper Waste Management

Junk removal Orono MN, reducing, and recycling waste can be much easier when you have to the cooperation of your community. Incorporating waste management ideas and strategies into your staff PD sessions can help them understand why changes are happening, the importance of it, and how they can maintain them.

In addition to it, including waste management and recycling themes into lessons and emphasizing the importance of producing less waste can help students be proactive. In fact, it allows the students to think about the waste they produce inside the campus and steps they could take to reduce it.

One of the significant advantages of providing waste management education to everyone is to give the opportunity to make everyone take part in developing the ideas.

Start Composting

There is no better way to dispose of your school waste than composting. Composting is an efficient and eco-friendly way to get rid of organic materials like food and specific packaging. You can use the compost to enrich the school ground soil, or collected and taken to a recycling facility.


This is one of the key elements of reducing waste sent to landfills. Contact local junk removal service Orono MN and find out what recycling options available, what sorts of materials do they accept, and how it is recycled.


Many products could be recycled and reused. Lunch containers, pens, batteries, etc., can all be reused. Please encourage your students and staff to buy reusable and use them.

Are you looking for a junk removal Orono service? We, Junk Happens, got you covered. For further queries regarding effective school waste disposal and hauling service, please call us.