Five Reasons Why You Should Recycle Your Old Home Appliances

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E-waste Disposal
Image by Volker Glätsch from Pixabay

Every electronic device or home appliance you use will age over time. Eventually, you will have to replace them before they stop working. Newer appliances always come equipped with advanced technology and better features, alongside improved energy efficiency. If you no longer want an appliance, it isn’t ideal to simply throw them away. Experts always recommend recycling e-waste for a number of reasons. The junk removal St. Paul pros explain why you should recycle your old home appliances.

E-wastes Pollute the Environment:

One of the obvious reasons why appliance recycling is recommended is to protect the environment from pollution. Home appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, freezers, and more are made of materials that can cause major problems when disposed in landfills. Appliances will slowly leak chemicals namely lead, mercury, and more, while also releasing harmful gases called Chlorofluorocarbons. This pollutes the environment and also depletes the ozone layer at the same time.

Landfill Disposal of E-waste is Illegal:

Minnesota and several other states in the US including Illinois, New York, and California has banned the disposal of electronic devices and home appliances in landfills. So, it’s obviously against the law to simply throw away your old electronics in such sites. Instead, you can get the assistance of a junk removal St. Paul service who can responsibly manage e-wastes and recycle them if possible.

This makes recycling of old appliances pretty much mandatory. Get in touch with the junk removal experts for assistance.

Recovers Scrap Metals:

A majority of home appliances are made of aluminum, steel, and other materials that can be easily recovered with recycling. These materials can be used in the production of newer devices. This is also beneficial to the environment, since it reduces the need to mine raw materials.

Help Others in Need:

If you don’t need your current appliance anymore, the best thing to do is continue using it until it is rendered ineffective. There are several organizations, recyclers, and junk removal St. Paul MN companies that are ready to accept old and unwanted appliances. They will refurbish and donate these appliances to charitable organizations. This will be extremely helpful for the underprivileged families.

Saves Energy and Natural Reserves:

According to a research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling one million laptops will save energy that is equal to the amount of electricity consumed by 3,657 homes in one year! As mentioned earlier, recycling home appliances will minimize greenhouse gas emissions and mining activities, which paves the way for the conservation of natural reserves.

Make sure to take your old appliances to your nearby recycling center. If you don’t have time to do so, hire a reputable junk removal service in St. Paul that can do it for you. The experts have thorough knowledge on recycling, so you can rely on them when it comes to e-waste management.