Ever Wondered What Happens to those Recyclables After Leaving Your Bin? Read Now to Know the Tale!

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Recyclables After Leaving Your BinYou might be wearing it now or it had a unique place on your office table, sometimes you might have carried it with you while you are travelling. While they may look like cans, handbags, bottles or newspapers, have you ever wondered what happens to them after leaving your recycle bin? Yes! They do make a long journey to start a fresh new phase of their new life. So, here is their tale for you!

Aluminum Cans

It always had a place in your kitchen or table right? So, what happens to them after a junk removal is really amazing! These aluminum cans are compressed into a bale in the recycling center and then sent to processing plants. In processing plants they are shredded into small pieces and mixed with raw aluminum materials to convert it to a new aluminum can or foil.

Glass Materials

The story of glass pieces is different! Mostly they are not converted into a new glass piece, but are crushed into cullet and used to replace sand in several applications, such as sports turf, landscaping, brick manufacturing, septic tank draining fields and paved surfaces.


Before getting compressed into bale, papers are segregated as white office papers, newspapers, magazines and more. Then they are shredded, mixed with water and made into a pulp, which is again beaten to form slush. This is put into the paper making process to make new office paper, newspaper, toilet paper, paper towels and more.


Since electronic items are made of different parts, it makes the recycling process more complex. 99% of e-waste is recyclable and hence more people should be employed to separate various parts. Many parts are melted down and cast into copper or gold parts while others are reused in new products.

So, the next time you are hiring a junk removal service in Minneapolis give a sigh of relief that you are conquering a bit to save our environment.