5 Ways Appliance Recycling Benefits the Environment

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Appliances make up a large portion of the overall waste that ends up in landfills, and each year more and more appliances are purchased by consumers. It’s important to recycle your old appliances rather than throwing them away, since so many of them can be reused or repurposed instead of just discarded and forgotten about forever. A junk removal St. Paul professional explains how recycling your appliances will benefit the environment.

Save Resources:

Refurbishing used appliances allows you to repurpose items that might otherwise be thrown away. By recycling appliances, we can save resources and reduce our carbon footprint. Many charitable organizations exist solely to accept old or unwanted appliances for reuse. By donating to these groups, you can benefit both your local community and the environment.

Save Electricity:

Did you know that just leaving a single light bulb on for an entire year cost about $6 in energy? While it’s unlikely you’ll leave lights on for years at a time, it illustrates just how easy it is to waste electricity when you use old appliances that are less energy efficient. Not to mention the hassle of frequent repairs and the costs associated with them. So, if you have a bunch of old appliances sitting around, consider hiring a junk removal St. Paul MN service. They will recycle the old appliances they pick up from you.

Reduce Landfill Density:

Appliance recycling diverts tons of materials that would otherwise have to be sent to landfills, helping to reduce their overall density. Because appliances are heavy, they can pack a lot of waste into a landfill. A used refrigerator for example contains around 20 pounds of hazardous chemicals and other contaminants. By recycling your old appliances, you’re helping keep these pollutants out of landfills and our water supply. Simply put, it recycling significantly reduces pollution.

Less Mining:

A lot of work goes into producing new appliances, and mining for new raw materials can be detrimental to the environment. According to a junk removal St. Paul expert, recycling old appliances means there’s less mining and minimal environmental waste too. One pound of recycled steel is equivalent to one ton of iron ore, meaning more raw materials can be recovered from recycled appliances than produced from mining new ore. The same logic applies to aluminum and copper, which are common components in a modern dishwasher or microwave.

Protects the Ozone Layer:

You can help protect our atmosphere by recycling all or part of an old appliance. Recycling refrigerator or freezer doors alone prevents 30 pounds of CFC’s from entering our atmosphere every year. This helps reduce damage to our ozone layer, which protects us from ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun.

Recycling old appliances can benefit both the environment and your wallet at the same time. Hire a junk removal service in St. Paul that will recycle all your old appliances at no extra cost.