5 Myths on Recycling that’s Totally Pointless

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Recycling thats Totally PointlessRecycling has been receiving a lot of bad press lately, owing to several misconceptions regarding it. Recycling has always been a way people have been depending to reduce the quantity of waste products and to safeguard the future of the planet. Despite several findings and experts in trash removal in Minneapolis backing up the claim that recycling is safe and useful for all, these 5 common myths are still prevalent today. Take a look:

Myth 1: Recycling is an Invention to Reduce Waste

Fact: Over the course of years, increase in the amount of plastic waste entering the waste stream and polluting land, water & air became intense, so much so that people wanted to do something to bring it under control. To prevent banning and regulation of plastic products, the beverage and packaging industry actually began pushing municipal recycling reforms.

Myth 2: Recycling is the Only Way to Reduce Trash

Fact: Even though recycling is considered one of the best ways of junk removal in Minneapolis, there are different other methods to reduce waste at the same time. Some simple methods include getting rid of extra packaging for certain products, purchase of reusable items and more. Furthermore, composting organic matter is another safe and great way to reduce waste.

Myth 3: More Energy Is Required To Recycle

Fact: This is false. The energy required to produce paper, minerals and plastics from raw materials such as oils and trees is much greater than the energy needed to recycle cans and bottles to manufacture new products. Yes, garbage trucks do burn gas and cause air pollution, but an effective recycling program must be able to reduce the frequency of junk pickup in MN, thus compensating for the cost and energy involved.

Myth 4: It’s Fine to Throw Away Biodegradable Waste

Fact: If an organic matter is enclosed in plastic and isn’t exposed to the air or ground, it is highly unlikely that they will break down. Organic matter dumped in landfills is usually subjected to anaerobic decomposition. This means that solid waste that doesn’t receive sufficient oxygen will produce methane. Methane is 72% more powerful than carbon monoxide.

Myth 5: Recycling Isn’t Necessary When There Are Landfills

Fact: Recycling in fact, has not just reduced usage of landfills, but also has reduced energy consumption, pollution and other adverse impacts caused to the environment. Recycling enables you to conserve natural resources and also lessen the emission of greenhouse gases. As mentioned earlier, organic matter in landfill produces methane that leads to greenhouse effect, but as recycling decreases the quantity of organic matter being sent to landfills, emission of greenhouse gases is controlled.

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