4 Ways to Easily Manage Yard Wastes

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yard removel serviceYour yard might be a good place to take a walk and chill out, but it can also be a place that easily collects waste such as fallen trees, grass clippings and raked leaves. Whether you like it or not, yard waste has to be removed periodically to keep your property in its best shape. Here are some easy and effective ways suggested by junk removal experts in MN with which you can get rid of yard waste:


Composting plays a great role in the growth and development of plants. Most plants are suitable for composting and they are highly benefited with a consistent supply of nutrients. However, a proper compost pile should have the combination of green and brown materials. Grass clippings and weeds without seeds are some examples of green materials and dead plants, dead leaves, straw, twigs and pine needles are examples of brown materials.


Do you know yard waste can naturally act as a mulch material for gardens? Just in case you didn’t know, mulch refers to a material that is directly applied to the surface of soil to enhance its fertility and health. Fallen leaves can be easily chopped into pieces by mowing, and they can be used as mulch. Pine needles are no exception. As pine needles increase the acidity of the soil, they are ideal for the growth of acid-friendly plants such as rhododendron and azaleas.

Recycling of Grass:

Anything that can be recycled is ecofriendly. Even if you prefer not to dump grass clipping into the compost pile, they can add nutrients back into your lawn. Just leave the grass clippings as is would suffice. It works even better when you have a mower that can chop them into pieces. Make sure you schedule a periodical mulching routine for the best results. However, be warned that keeping grass clipping too thick can block sunlight from the growing grass.

Waste Removal:

If you have a hard time proceeding with any of the above methods, the best thing to do is to hire a junk removal and waste management company. There are professionals who have great expertise and experience with the removal of yard waste and you can schedule a regular trash pickup. They will have all the equipment beforehand to make the waste removal process smooth and will make sure that they are disposed of in the correct place. Even though you have to pay for their services, it’s worth every penny as the experts can effectively manage yard waste in a nature-friendly way, while you can use your time to focus on other important stuff.

Follow the aforementioned methods to easily deal with yard waste or hire a junk removal company in Minneapolis MN that can do it for you.