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Who We Are

Junk Happens is a junk removal business offering full services for all your removal and hauling needs. What sets our company apart from the rest is the way we do our job. We take pride in our extreme insurance methods. Meaning, we take extra care when we remove or haul your items. We are the cleanest and most efficient company when it comes to junk removal Inver Grover Heights.

We are the best alternative to a dumpster. Don’t you think having a dumpster by the driveway is a little too ugly? Plus, it is dangerous too! You can contact us to completely remove your unwanted items from your property.

Our Process

Our company employs a simple 4-step process for junk removal Inver Grover Heights MN.

  1. Online Appointment: Our online appointment page makes it easy for you to schedule a preferred time for us to arrive to begin the removal of your junk. Just fill in the form, set the date and time for the visit, and wait for our confirmation call!
  2. Payment Confirmation: Once your appointment is set, please allow a 72-hour window for a confirmation call from us regarding the exact price and instructions on how to pay.
  3. Junk Removal Inver Grover Heights: We immediately start the process of junk removal service Inver Grover Heights MN once the payment is made. It’s easy. During your scheduled appointment, our crew (usually, there will be two crew members or more) will go to your location and collect the items you want to remove. That’s it!
  4. Disposal: The items we remove from you do not directly go to landfills. We make sure that they are disposed of responsibly. You can even specifically instruct us what to do with your junk! We can either donate it or recycle it, making sure that we follow the eco-friendliest standards.

Why Choose Us?

Yes, there are a lot of cheap junk removal Inver Grover Heights services. But, why should you do business with us? Let us inform you:

  • We prioritize the proper disposal of the junk we remove from our clients. We either donate or recycle them.
  • When we donate the items that we picked-up from you, you will be entitled to the tax-deductible receipt.
  • We have a fun-loving, friendly, and well-trained crew that will make you feel comfortable and make the job feel light!
  • We are honest about our pricing up front. When we give you a quote, that’s it. No hidden charges.
  • We always make sure that we follow the schedule and we are not late for the appointment.
  • After the junk removal in Inver Grover Heights, we follow up with a call to check on your satisfaction from our services.
  • We are operated and owned by a local party. This means that we have the right knowledge in everything that has to do with junk removal, something that would not be present with a franchised junk removal service.
  • Our process is convenient. Our online appointment scheduling makes everything so much easier and our communication lines are always open to answer your questions and attend to your concerns.

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