Junk Removal Edina

junk removal service edinaUse Junk Removal to Clear Out Your Residential or Commercial Property

Do you have old appliances, equipment, or furniture lying around and taking up space? Our affordable removal services offer the perfect solution. We can pick up your residential or commercial trash quickly and efficiently.Fast and Convenient Junk Removal Service You can get your trash hauled away without any hassles. We provide fast and convenient junk removal in Edina. You simply send us a photo of your trash and we can give you an estimate within 24 hours. You can also book an appointment and receive a quote before our team begins hauling your trash.You schedule the date for your trash removal and our Junk Happens drivers arrive on time. They handle all the loading and clean up afterward. Most jobs are completed within two hours and you always get a low rate. You only pay for the space that your trash takes up in our large trucks.

Remove Almost Any Trash from Your Property

When selling a home or moving, you will come across a lot of junk that you no longer need. Your old furniture, decorations, and random junk do not need to make the move to your new property.

You can get rid of a wide variety of old items including all types of appliances, furniture, televisions, and tires. Our junk removal service in Edina MN is available for residential and commercial customers. You can contact us to pick up the junk from your home, business, or rental property. We also handle warehouse, estate, and garage cleanouts.

Keep Trash Out of the Landfills and Protect the Earth

With our junk removal in Edina MN, you can do your part to protect the environment. At Junk Happens, we are committed to limiting the amount of trash that ends up in the landfills. We recycle and reuse 100% of the trash our team picks up. Junk Happens partners with reuse organizations, donation centers, salvage yards, and recycling centers to keep as much material out of the landfill.

Reliable Trash Removal from a Trusted Local Company

Junk Happens is a locally owned and operated company. Our employees and trucks are fully licensed and insured, ensuring that you are protected and your trash is properly disposed of. We always provide professional service and arrive fully equipped to remove and clean up your old junk.

For reliable and cheap junk removal in Edina, contact the pros at Junk Happens. We offer low rates for trash hauling in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area. Our team makes the removal process quick and easy. We even clean up after loading your trash.

Your junk no longer needs to take up unnecessary space in your residential or commercial property. Call us today or book online to get a trash removal price estimate.