Junk Removal Golden Valley

Junk Removal Golden Valley
If you are worried about the junk in your home or office that is piling up, you can call us. We are the best company that provides junk removal Golden Valley. We will come to your place at the earliest to relieve you of the trash at your site. We will ensure that you have a pleasant business experience as a result of working with our company.

Identify the Junk: It is true that identifying the junk in your place is not an easy task. And often, you might be having some good memories that associate with items such as an old sofa or a table. While they might bring to your mind some good memories, you might not realize that old furniture and items occupy the place.

Especially when you buy new items, you will be erasing the space that is available. You can quickly free up the area so that you plan to have other equipment and goods at your place. We are the cheap junk removal Golden Valley and we will discard the junk responsibly.

If any of the goods that we take from you is in excellent condition, we donate these items so that others can use. If we can recycle a product, we will ensure that it is sent to the proper destination so that we waste no useful resource. 

Clean Up Your Yard

Cleaning up the yard is not a simple task as you might know. It is one major work that requires assistance. Doing it alone seems to be interesting only for a few minutes — you will soon realize that it is a mammoth task. Instead of shunning this project, you can contact us.

Since we are the best junk removal service in Golden Valley MN, we will do this task for you at a low price. You may choose to enter into a contract with us so that we can clean up your yard regularly. 

Do Not Worry About Construction Junk

Most of the construction projects leave back a lot of trash and debris. Unless you remove it from the site, you can use the premises to do any activity. When you contact us, we will deploy our expert team in removing the construction junk and responsibly clear it off. Once we remove the trash, you can begin the operations on your site with no further delay. 

Contact Us for More Information

We remove junk of all kind if you want to know in detail about the type of trash we pick, kindly contact us for junk removal Golden Valley MN. Our friendly team will answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

You may also request a quote from us, and we will send our team to visit your site. They will assess the junk on your site and the amount of space it will occupy on the truck. Based on the junk you have and the truck space that will be required, we will provide you the best quote.

Contact Junk Happens

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Why choose Junk Happens?

Junk Happens offers junk removal in Golden Valley (Link to New Landing Page) and foreclosure clean-ups to residential and commercial customers. We do all the loading, donating, recycling, clean-up, and disposal of your unwanted junk. 100% of items collected by Junk Happens are recycled, reused, or turned into energy for electricity. With Junk Happens your junk will not take up space in landfills. That’s a commitment that we have made as a locally owned and operated company.

What are the services offered by you?

At Junk Happens, we offer various services that include:

  • Junk removal in Golden Valley MN (Link to New Landing Page)
  • Appliance Recycling & Disposal
  • Removal of Demolition Debris
  • Furniture Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal
  • Commercial Junk Removal
  • Foreclosure Removal
  • Estate Clean Outs

How much does junk removal cost?

Our pricing includes labor, disposal fees and extraordinary customer service. There are no hidden fees; however, MN state solid waste taxes and surcharges may apply for certain items. Please be aware that these rates are approximate – we are unable to guarantee prices until workload has been assessed in person or over the phone. Jobs requiring demolition (sheds, playhouses, hot tubs, and decks) or jobs requiring extensive labor may accrue additional charges.  You pay only for the space used in our trucks unlike using a dumpster.

Do you offer truck pickup?

Yes, we do. Our trucks are some of the largest in the Twin Cities, holding 18 cubic yards. Our competitors’ trucks are 14.8 cubic yards, yet our full load prices are less than theirs. We can do this because we operate a home office and do not have to pay franchise fees. This saves us and your money. And we know that providing you with great customer service doesn’t cost us anything.

What are the characteristics of a good junk removal company?

There are some characteristics that you may need to look out for when making the decision to hire a junk removal service in Golden Valley in MN and they are mentioned below

  • Cost and flexibility in customizing service
  • Applying local solutions to local problems
  • Accessibility and customer service
  • Investment in technology and modern equipment
  • Commitment to the environment
  • Licensed and Insured