Junk Removal Richfield MN

Our Services at Junk Happens

Junk Removal Richfield MNOur junk removal Richfield services have been around for years. We pick up junk each day of the week plus dispose of it in the correct place. We are experienced and the services we offer are second to none and vary depending on your needs. Junk Happens is well equipped to take care of junk all over Richfield without delays, struggles or failures.

Some of the services we offer include:

Furniture Removal

It is not uncommon to break furniture at home, it wears out and at times you just want to replace your furniture for a new set. You do not have to worry about where and how to get rid of these pieces. Whether you have a dining set, patio furniture, couches, or beds, we take it all. If you want it thrown, recycled or taken for donations, we are ready to help.

We are able to remove debris and furniture in instances where estate clearance is needed. Also, we clear furniture that is ruined during floods, storms, and other unfortunate events. No matter how big your furniture might look, we have the capacity to load them on our enormous trucks – usually two to three times bigger than the average truck sizes in the industry. You can trust us with your furniture junk removal Richfield MN.

Cleaning Out

If you do not own the home you live in, you may have to move out sometime. In the process of moving out for someone else to move in, there is always junk left behind. This is just one of our specialty. These services are both for the landlord, tenant, and a new homeowner.

All the leftover furniture, dishes, debris, pots, boxes, hangers, clothes, bags, and carpets are cleared without you lifting a finger.  Our processes are simple and are accomplished in a jiffy.

All you need to do is call us for junk removal service Richfield MN and get the best. We collect, donate or haul away your junk items. It all depends on what you want us to do with each item.

So, if you are a homeowner or a landlord, contact us to clean your environment. And if you are a moving tenant, you do not have to leave junk for your landlord.

Household Items

You mention it. We take care of all sorts of household items you no longer need. From appliances, carpets, lamps, clothing, old dishes, boxes and any sort of debris.

All our services are done at an affordable price. Feel free to call us for cheap junk removal Richfield. Our prices are upfront and we have clearly defined it. We can handle 30 to 40 cubic yards of junk, clutter, and furniture with speed. Our prices are affordable and we go further to give you discounts if it involves large-scale junk removal. Call us today.