Junk Removal Fridely

Junk Removal FridelyIt is usually very hard to let go of certain personal items even when we no longer seem to use them. It could be your first television, a sofa that you have had for ages or a pair of running shoes that have covered miles with you. Throwing them away may have the same effect as losing a pet. That pain can be less severe if you let junk removal Fridley take care of it. We don’t just take them and throw them away, we repurpose them, we find new homes for your property which can still be used by someone else. Many of our clients mention that they feel much better knowing their stuff will be able to help someone else.

We offer junk removal services that include appliance removal, furniture, waste recycling, estate clean out and moving services among others. You can count on us for efficient junk removal Fridley MN at an affordable cost.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

The future of our planet matters a lot to us and that is why we make it a point to practice eco-friendly disposal. When we take away the things that seem to be cluttering your home, we sort them out according to their use. We start by separating the stuff that can be donated, then we also separate things that can be recycled and isolate those that may be harmful if thrown in a landfill. We follow strict disposal guidelines to ensure we do not contribute to pollution.

Timely Service

We do not wish to keep you waiting indefinitely for the junk removers to come in. We always ensure that we arrive at the time we agree to be there and do the work as fast as possible so that we do not keep you there for long. We are also able to do the work even if you are not around. We understand that time is precious and you may have a ton of things to get done. Our sense of time when carrying out junk removal service Fridley MN is one of the qualities many of our clients appreciate.

Heavy Lifting

We do not just get rid of junk, you can depend on us to provide lifting services. You may be moving house and need furniture and boxes carried to the truck, we are on hand to cater to that need as well. Our labor only service is only rivaled by our cheap junk removal Fridley. Many people find themselves struggling to move things around the house even when doing spring cleaning and we come to their aid promptly.

Reasons to Choose Us

Are you still not sure whether to give us a call? Well here are some good reasons to:

  • We work with local organizations to provide items to be donated
  • Our staff keep time and are always respectful
  • We are a fully insured company and we always provide tax-deductible receipts
  • Our services are affordable if you compare them with other junk removal Fridley companies

We love the environment and believe in donating and recycling first

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What do you do with the junk items that you take away?

We have associations with many re-use organizations, donation centers, recycling centers, to which we divert much of the materials that we take in, depending on its nature. We do not accept any kind of hazardous chemicals. We sort out the junk items before disposal, and properly dispose of them at the registered landfills or recycling center. Call 612-333-JUNK (5865) for cheap junk removal in Fridley!

How do I book your services?

It is easy to book our services. Simply give us a call at 612-333-JUNK (5865) or book online, our expert team will arrive on site and provide you with a no-obligation up-front price for junk removal in Fridley. Once we get your approval, we will do the heavy lifting on your behalf. We will also tidy up the place after we remove the junk, and issue you a payment receipt.

Are your employees at Junk Happens insured to do this type of work?

Yes, at Junk Happens, the owners, employees and trucks are fully insured and licensed. We also hold liability insurance. So, with Junk Happens you can rest assured that your home and property is fully protected, and all the junk items are properly disposed of. Call 612-333-JUNK (5865) for junk removal in Fridley!

How much are your charges for Junk Removal?

At Junk Happens, we have a predetermined rate structure, for which you only pay for the space that you use in our truck. There are certain items which will incur incinerator surcharges, for which we might charge an extra for the following items – auto/truck tires, computer monitors, water heaters, televisions, and air conditioners. Please call 612-333-JUNK (5865) and we will give you an estimate on the junk removal service Fridley MN.

Will you give me an exact price for Junk removal over the phone?

No! We will give only an estimate for the junk removal Fridley over the phone. Our pricing is based on the volume of items removed and the total space that it would occupy in our truck. There could be extra charges that are applicable on certain type of materials. We must actually visit your place to see the volume and type of materials, to give you an accurate price. We will provide you with a no obligation quote on site, before we begin the work. Talk to us today at 612-333-JUNK (5865) to know more.