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Junk Removal Coon RapidsWe know how taxing dealing with junk can be. You may wonder how to transport it, where to take it, and what are the laws governing junk disposal. Don’t worry or wonder, we have all the answers to these questions, we provide junk removal Coon Rapids services in the area and so far we have had nothing but good things said about us. It doesn’t matter where the junk is in the first place, we can effectively get rid of any junk in Coon Rapids.Many junk removal Coon RapidsMN companies will charge high prices for removal of junk, but we provide an affordable service and only charge for what we remove. Some of the services we provide include.

Collection and Disposal of Old Household Appliances

Do you have an old fridge taking up space in your garage? Did you buy a new TV and need to get rid of the old one? Or is it that first computer you had that could now be a museum piece? Our junk removal service Coon Rapids MN will effectively deal with all home appliances.We are aware of environmental regulations regarding the disposal of certain materials and we adhere to green disposal methods in Minnesota. Just call us and we will take care of the job at hand for you.

Office Junk Disposal

Does your office need cheap Junk removal in Coon Rapids? We provide affordable rates to collect and dispose of various types of junk from your office. It could be paper waste, that can be recycled, an old copier machine that needs to create more room in the office or even old office furniture. Our junk removal Coon Rapids has a solution for all that junk and we will not hurt your pocket-book.

Single Item Removal

There is no job that may be too small for us, we can provide junk removal Coon Rapids MN for single or small items as well. You do not have to let the junk pile up before you start to call junk removers, we can come in and remove that couch from the basement or an old mattress and get it out of the way. Since we only charge for what we remove, we offer the best cheap junk removal Coon Rapids service in the area.


Do you have items that you believe would be of better use to someone else? Many may want to donate their old items but do not know how to go about it. We are in touch with different organizations and people who will handle the donation of junk that still has value. This also helps to prevent the landfills from filling up with junk that can actually be put to good use.

 Recycle Junk

We believe in letting nothing go to waste and saving our planet which is why we ensure that we sought out the junk and recycle materials that can be put to use like paper, plastics and the like. We also encourage our clients to do the same. So whenever you need junk removal Coon Rapids in your area, do not hesitate to give us a call, we can come over and assess what you have,  then let you know how much it will cost. There is nothing too big or small for us to handle.

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