Why do you need to visit in person in order to give me an accurate price?

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Our services for junk removal in Maple Grove does not involve any hidden fees, still, the MN state solid waste taxes and surcharges may be applied on certain items.

Our minimum charge is $109.00. The rates are only approximate and we can guarantee prices only after assessing the workload in person, as there are some demolition tasks that may require additional labor charges.  If you have a specific list of items or have a picture you can text to 651-242-6783, we can give you a quote via phone call or text.

Also, when compared with our competitors, we have the biggest trucks with 18 cubic yards. Still, our charges for the full load prices are less than our competitors.  Our pricing page at www.junkhappens.com/pricing/ shows a comparison picture of our trucks versus our competitors’ trucks.