Green Junk Removal from Junk Happens

recycleOur Environmental Vision Statement: Junk Happens is committed to providing environmentally friendly options in the service it provides to its customers. We strongly believe that together we will make a difference for future generations by engaging in responsible environmental practices. Better servicing our customers, cleaning up our communities, and using environmental friendly practices, is a top priority at Junk Happens.

By partnering with Twin Cities local non-profit organization such as Bridging, Savers, Goodwill, VA and others we are able to donate a portion of the junk we remove from our clients. Recycling is another important fundamental practice that Junk happens believes in and uses. We recycle all different kinds of metals, aluminum, wood, appliances, etc.. All employees of Junk Happens share the same environmental vision: reduce, reuse, recycle. We believe our company can play an important role by reducing the amount of waste that would normally be thrown into a landfill by other junk removal or garbage companies. Most companies do not make this type of commitment but here at Junk Happens, it’s part of who we are and what we want to do. All the junk that’s not recyclable or reused is sent to the incinerator in Minneapolis and converted into energy that powers the Twins Stadium and its surrounding community. Junk Happens is committed not to send anything to the land fill and do our part to help clean up our cities. It’s important to take responsibility as a junk removal company who runs into many opportunities to help clean the environment every day. Our employees are excited and proud of the commitment Junk Happens has as an environmentally conscious company that provides this kind of service to its local communities in Minnesota. Since Junk Happens is a locally owned company, cleaning our back yard really makes a difference since the owners and employees all live in the area of the Twin Cities. With being environmentally responsible one piece of junk at a time, we will make our community a cleaner place to live.

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